?If you can breathe, you can practice Yoga.?

There are days when you can?t always make a regular Yoga class and sometimes you wish there was more time for the Teacher to help you work on a certain posture.  If this sounds familiar, then One Yoga can help.

Designed for individuals who have a desire to increase flexibility, improve health and well-being, especially when suffering specific health conditions such as M.E.*  One Yoga offers bespoke Yoga sessions.

*There are stages in certain chronic conditions when Pranayama (breathing), can be extremely beneficial.


Having practiced Yoga for a number years, Keely completed her Yoga Teacher training with Sam Rao.

With a background in Marketing and more recently running her own business, Keely is well aware of the impact our fast pace lives has on our health. ?Very often we put our health and well-being on the bottom of our ?to-do? list.?

Keely believes that Yoga offers the opportunity to invite calm and balance into our busy everyday lives.  ?By practising a number of Yoga postures you can encourage flexibility and agility to your body, whilst introducing a quietening of the mind.?

For more information call 07979 863012 or email me at [email protected]