Welcome to Bank on Yoga.

This is the Yoga site for everyday people. We are all individual and the purpose of Bank on Yoga is to bring Yoga to everyone.

Bank on Yoga is your personal investment to health and wellbeing.

Enjoy a unique yoga experience taught by two Yoga instructors. This not only gives you a Yoga class, it also provides a more personal approach to your Yoga practice.

Teaching is done from both a male and female perspective.

There are eight limbs to Yoga. Our focus is on the physical aspects as well as teaching relaxation techniques. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, practicing Yoga can help you.

If you think you?re not bendy enough or too heavy for Yoga, that?s kind of the point!

Yoga can help with...

Heart disease * Arthritis * Anxiety and stress * High blood pressure * Epilepsy * Migraine headaches * Back pain * Hormonal imbalances * Diabetes * Irritable bowel syndrome * Depression

Yoga.  Your health.  Your responsibility.