B Yoga a series of classes for team sports or 1 to 1 instruction, to use Yoga as part of a program to ensure overall fitness for both body and mind, for your chosen sport.

All sport is about the delivery of energy (power) to the right point, in the right direction, at the right time and in the right direction.  To do this effectively requires agility and balance.   

Sport is also about doing the right thing instinctively and a lucid, clear mind will allow the inherent talent to flourish.  

Developing core strength is one of the main tenets of Yoga.  It also takes the flexibility of the muscular structure beyond the parameters necessary for most sports, leading to the smooth delivery of energy in the necessary amount and to the right point.  

Yoga works the whole of the body evenly, so if your chosen sport means the use of a bat, club, or racquet it can help with balancing the body ensuring that one side of the body is as strong and as flexible as the other.


Brian completed his Teacher Training at the Sam Rao Yoga School which is accredited by the Yoga Association.

When asked why he had chosen this path Brian said ?In common with most males I thought Yoga was a bit fluffy and female orientated. Some basic research on the health benefits of Yoga and recent comments by some high profile sports people, convinced me otherwise. My aim is to get more of the male population to participate in Yoga classes, in order to raise awareness of how Yoga as part of a training programme, can enhance sports performance and reduce the chances of injury.

Relaxation and breathing techniques will calm the mind before, during and after a match to help maximise the performance.  

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